Henry JohnsonHmm, where to start. I think I was simply born an artist. I’ve had the urge to create for as long as I can remember. I’m a self-taught artist. In saying that I’m self-taught, … I simply mean that I’ve had no formal schooling. I’ve been fortunate enough to have known and work with many very talented artisans. I believe in the adage that you never know everything and there’s always something new to learn along the way. I think this has added greatly to my artistic success. My professional career started as a muralist. This is when I was introduced to paint. Before this point I worked only in pastels, inks and pencil…. anything but paints (which I fear because I had not yet learned how to control the medium).

Once I got paint under my nails … there was no turning back. I was working with a mural gallery that was local to me. They kept me busy painting and traveling. I consider this time to have been my schooling. I got many hours behind the brush and had a few wonderful mentors. Eventually I out-grew the studio and went out on my own. It was now time for me to diversify. I spent some time showing and promoting my fine art in local galleries while at the same time learning more about the field of decorative arts and where my place was in this discipline. I enjoyed the ability to transform and uplift my clientÕs surroundings. The reward was always immediate. They loved my work … and I really loved creating it. … this is where I belonged, and this is where I grew. It’s now been 19 years that I’ve been working in the decorative arts. In those years, I’ve been asked to create just about everything and enjoy the challenge in doing so. I still work as a fine artist as well. Hanging my canvas works in local galleries and working on commission.

I enjoy the time in the studio creating my own visions and challenging myself with new conceptions.

That’s me (the artist) in a nutshell… hope you enjoy my work!

~Henry J