One of the more labor-some finishes to apply.... plaster finishes can add a depth and luster that painted finishes just can't create.

Using plaster to finish and beautify building interiors date back more than 1300 years. The most commonly heard and used plaster is Venetian plaster.

The term "Venetian plaster" itself can refer to a multitude of finishes. I'm going to try and not get winded here about the plasters. If lime based plaster finishes interest you ... feel free to follow this link and I'll give you a bit more information on the history of the lime plasters and different styles of application. Learn more about Venetian plaster and other troweled plaster finishes.

Gypsum and acrylic based plasters have their own appeal. There are many applications where these plasters would be well suited. The limitations of these textured finishes are limited only to your imagination.

You can create completely sculpted murals in relief. I've created a number of murals with the added dimension of these plasters.

For speed of application without the mess of the plastering process ... many people opt for their plastered finish to be made elsewhere and applied by an installer that's familiar with the process. Want a finish that looks like real stone, brick and slate...amongst other natural earthen finishes?? Weathered-stone may be what you're looking for.