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exterior south florida faux

exterior faux glazing of house.

Contemporary construction means homes built with materials that often lack the elegance of older structures that employed natural materials such as wood and brick to help set them apart from neighboring houses. Properly applied exterior faux finishes can create a charming trompe l’oeil effect that can lead the observer to perceive modern fiberglass, vinyl and concrete surfaces as oak, metal or stone. Classical faux finishing applied by a skilled craftsmen can greatly enhance the home exterior, allowing the home to stand out in a community of conformity.

exterior faux

exterior faux

Painting the exterior of a house is a great way to accent the architecture and create the “feel” of home. There are many ways to go about accenting a home with a decorative finish depending on the desired outcome,durability and in some cases … community restrictions. Over the years I’ve created many finishes that created real curb appeal to the home.

exterior faux painting of Boynton Beach home.

Detail of an exterior decorative finish on a South Florida home.

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