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The painted house… exterior stucco faux painting.

Posted on Nov 3 by

Contemporary construction means homes built with materials that often lack the elegance of older structures that employed natural materials such as wood and brick to help set them apart from neighboring houses. Properly applied exterior faux finishes can create a charming trompe l’oeil effect that can lead the observer to perceive modern fiberglass, vinyl and concrete surfaces as oak, metal or stone. Classical faux finishing applied by a skilled craftsmen can greatly enhance the home exterior, allowing the home to stand out in a community of conformity. Painting the exterior of a house is a great way to accent the architecture and create the “feel” of home. There are many ways to go about accenting a home with a decorative finish depending on the desired outcome,durability and in some cases … community restrictions. Over the years I’ve created many finishes that created real curb appeal to the home. Incoming search terms: exterior faux painting exterior faux painting ideas faux stucco exterior exterior faux painting techniques faux exterior painting faux finish outside of house faux finish exterior stucco exterior faux...


A stylish new experience!

Posted on Nov 24 by

Welcome to the brand new website! It was a long time coming, but we’re finally able to bring to you a brand new experience that welcomes interaction by you, the viewer. I sincerely hope you enjoy your experience here and look forward to feedback from you. Thanks for looking! View my portfolio...


Underwater Murals

Posted on Nov 23 by

Underwater murals are fun for the vibrant splashes of color that are allowed. I enjoy the challenge of replicating the beauty of nature. There is a certain mystery when it comes to creating an under water mural. It’s a landscape that is foreign yet can be quite soothing at the same time. I’ve painted these types of murals in all kinds of settings. Restaurants, dentist offices, daycare centers and elementary schools are just a few of the places I’ve created tropical fish murals for commercially. Most of my early murals were of this type when I painted for the Miami Subs restaurant chain. They were much more vibrant than seen here, but for a commercial application, that’s usually a good thing. In private homes these murals have found perfect placement in bedrooms of children, playrooms, restrooms and exterior walls surrounding swimming pools. Painting dolphins and whales …… probably the most intriguing of the underwater features to paint. To see them in the wild is a breath-taking experience. Trying to capture the dolphins playful spirit and whimsical nature is my...

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